Monday, March 9, 2009

Will It Go Round in Circles?

Poohbutt and I were just at another one of my favorite lunch buffets, where we saw a sister my age whose second grandkid was as old as Poohbutt, my first child. And, of course, she was threatening to whip the first grandkid's ass the whole time. Even in this post-racial Age of Obama, I kept asking myself the question best posed by Billy Preston:

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nunya said...

Wow. Such a short entry but the images that flashed through my mind. Some time in the last couple of years I had a chance to briefly meet Tom Hayden and in his tiny office was the famous photo of the black slave with the horrific whip scars. Here was a hero of mine that I was lucky enough to meet face to face, yet I was riveted and speechless for more than one reason.

Every time I hear a kid say "... was gonna whup my ass" I see that picture in my mind's eye.

I don't feel guilty for my ancestors behavior until I remember that they married Indian women because the women proved up on farms. The land belonged to the women. Nobody owned slaves, they married them and were legally entitled to the land after that.

Keep fighting the good fight for Poohbutt. :)