Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Poohbutt Song of the Week

What can I say? She loves that damned sax solo.


nunya said...

Ok, that's it, I love Poohbutt, she has great taste in music :)

boukman70 said...

Pooh and I are actually in disagreement over this song. I despise and kinda like it for its kitsch value. Meanwhile, the kid thinks that the sax solo is the most mind-blowing musical experience ever and that Sir Gerry should be considered a Monster of Rock. I'm thinking of locking her in a closet until she sees the light. I'll keep you posted.

nunya said...

Oh my dear. My post on the prom should have prepared you. The more you fight her tastes the bigger fight you will have on your hands.

Mine no longer has a green mohawk. I just let her have it. Eventually she wanted a job and had to buy a wig until the hair grew out. :)