Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary, War!

Hey babe,

I know I originally didn't want us to get together. I did everything I could think of to stop our union--I cried, I screamed, I petitioned 'til my hand damned near fell off, I even protested to Congress and the President. It didn't matter what I wanted, what you wanted, for that matter. Some really powerful folks wanted us together. They even rubbed our faces in it with their damned "Mission Accomplished" sign.

And now here we are six years later. Six, brutal, bloody, terror-ific years later. There have been some good times. But, to be honest, dear, it's been absolute hell. Nothing's really changed. I still want out. But nothing's really changed. No matter how much I cry and scream and petition and protest some really powerful folks still want us together. I thought I did, but I still don't have a vote in all this. So, happy anniversary, Iraq. As Toni Tennille sang (without the Captain, oddly enough), it looks like our love is here to stay.


Sue Jacquette said...

Ugh, that dress, that hair.

nunya said...

You know they made the guys on the Lincoln float around for an extra day within sight of the coast after a ten month deployment for that stupid stunt, right?