Monday, May 4, 2009

A Total Crap Day

After 16 months of chasing my little Pooh all around creation for 11-12 hours a day and working at night, for the first time this morning, I left my baby, her outstretched arms, and her whimpering protests behind in day care.


Shani said...

Oh, buddy. I feel your pain.

iasa said...

For the first week I left boys at daycare, the youngest one (who was about the same age as yearns) crawled to the window over looking the car park and cried and cried. He wouldn't budge from the window all day. I think every afternoon that week i picked him up from that window where he fell asleep with his head on the sill. By week three we couldn't get inside fast enough to play.

But it still breaks my heart to think about it.