Friday, May 29, 2009

James and the Giant Douche

All right, I admit, I don't watch basketball all that much. I used to be addicted ... way back in the day. But then the game went all Wild, Wild West on me, no rules, no violations, just one-on-one hamming it up. There used to be a thing called traveling, but you can watch dudes take three steps to the basket. Iverson legalized palming the ball. Shaq made elbowing a motherfucker in the grill all the rage. And, after decades of "Thinking-About-Fouling-Jordan" fouls which have been transferred to the stud du jour, you can watch superstars go basically unchallenged an entire game.

Why watch a game with no rules? That's why I quit Bear Stearns.

However, I will also admit, that if Nike can somehow pull off a Cavs-Lakers NBA finals, I will be watching (if it doesn't interfere with my Pens' Cup drive). And I pray that LeBron treats the Crybaby Rapist with the same ferocity the sports media treated Kobe's victim. Or at least like my boy Raja Bell used to treat the Rump Steak.


Stones said...

Amen...LeBron vs. Kobe is basically the difference between a motivator and a bully. Bron's teammates play hard because they love him.

modik said...

Ok, I know I'm biased (Purple and gold forever!) but DAAANG can Koke get a break or what! Dude was hailed for trusting and encouraging his teammates the last two games -- how's that a bully? Jordan didn't punk people when he had to? Barkley? Magic? Bird? You think none of these guys ever got in a teammates face to get them straight? Yes it would be a great matchup, but as I keep trying to remind the sports media, B-ball still a team game. Kobe is not going to beat LeBron or vice versa, it's Lakers vs. Cavs. Why do these superstars act like spoiled superstars at times, because we give them the latitude to do so...(whew, where'd all that come from Mo??)

andrian said...

I know this may be a little off topic but, did it ever , occur to you maybe, Kobe did not rape that women. Based on the history of the justice system in this country, I find it hard to believe Kobe was guilty and they didn't even give an all white "jury of his peers" a chance to convict him. I know they didn't let a little thing like a lack of evidence or the victims "questionable character" get in the way of sending another black man and especially one as well known as Kobe Bryant to prison for the rest of his miserable life.

boukman70 said...

Andrian, it's not off-topic at all. After all, I did call him the "Crybaby Rapist."

There are several reasons I think that Kobe probably did rape that woman. Most of which I won't get into here (I'll probably wait for the next bit of celebrity drama).

But the one thing that really did convince me was when he tried outing Shaq, saying mess like, "Shaq rapes women, too. He just pays them off." After all, "He did it, too," was always the last defense we gave as children in trying to stop from getting our asses whooped.

boukman70 said...

It's too bad we won't get to see that NBA Finals match-up, but I think it might be fun watching D-Howard shine.