Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Brutha Gives Big Bucks

This from over at Politic365.

Obama has chosen 10 charities to give his Nobel Prize proceeds ($1.4 million) to. He has spread the wealth in a--shall we say--rainbow of causes:

1) Fisher House -- $250,000 -- they help provide housing for families of soldiers receiving care from the VA.

2) Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund -- $200,000

3) College Summit -- $125,000 -- they help elementary and middle-school students prepare for high school and go on to college.

4) The Posse Foundation -- $125,000 -- they provide scholarships to high school students.

5) United Negro College Fund -- $125,000

6) Hispanic Scholarship Fund -- $125,000

7) American Indian College Fund -- $125,000

8) Appalachian Leadership Education Foundation -- $125,000

9) Africare -- $100,000 -- they run a myriad of development programs in Africa and are near and dear to myheart. C. Payne is still the man!

10) Central Asia Institute -- $100,000 -- they promote community-based education in rural Afghanistan and Pakistan -- which a special emphasis on girls.

Now, all he has to do is get those damned Corpocrats off their asses to pass health care reform, banking regulations, and student loan reform ...

I wonder what Rush and Glenn will say about all this National Socialist charitable giving which totally shows how much he hates Whitey.

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Cujo359 said...

Looks like a good list. I especially like the contrib to Haiti. They can really use it right now.