Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sean Payton Made a Deal with the Devil

[Original deleted transcript from the Fox telecast of the New Orleans Saints' 31-28 overtime victory over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship game earlier today. Yes, once again, Fox hides the truth.]

Joe Buck: Sean Payton, you are the first head coach to lead the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl. What did you do to get here?

Sean Payton: It was 1791. I was just a young, impressionable lad in Haiti, living under the oppressive yoke of the French. All the bloodshed. All the brutality. It had to stop.

So, one night, my Haitian brothers and sisters and I got together. We danced. We sang. We prayed. And we called upon our master, Satan, to save us from Napoleon's despotism.

JB: Really?

SP: Well, that's what they wanted. I was a white boy. I wanted to coach the greatest team in the history of football. I got this job instead. It makes sense when you think about it. I guess he wanted to keep me close.

But hell, it's about time the Devil's finally come through on his deal.


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