Friday, January 29, 2010

Bon voyage à Port-au-Prince, ma coeur

We just got word yesterday. Mrs. Unknown is off to Haiti. Business. Not pleasure. Though it's hard having one's wife go off into such perilous conditions, I know she's in good hands (yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Kickball King!). And, though Pooh and I have done it before, it sure is awkward running this tricycle on only two wheels. However, we are proud as hell of Mommy. And we love her with all our hearts.

Good luck, babe!


Shani said...

Bon voyage, Mrs. Unknown!

And for the Mr.:

jadedj said...

Kudos to Mrs. Unknown! Loved the video. I was aware that Mel Torme was a drummer. Never really cared for him, but as an ex-R&B/Jazz drummer, I now have a new respect for him. Good stuff!

jadedj said...

Make that, was not aware.

boukman70 said...


I loved the pic w/Alito thumbing through the woman's underwear. Beautiful!!!


I used to hate Mel, too. I think that was because of Night Court. But there was a reason they called him "The Velvet Fog." If you check out some of his early recordings, you'll see the man's voice was amazing.

I rank Young Mel right up there behind Johnny Hartman, Nat King Cole, and Billy Eckstine. IMHO.