Saturday, January 23, 2010

Andrew Sullivan and Balls Beer

With all that's happened this week--with the special election in Mass. and the Supreme Court shoveling tons of money into Republican coffers--it's been a time of despair for those of us on the Left. Lord knows, I've succumbed to it myself. But yesterday, Andrew Sullivan made some incredibly excellent points about the challenges ahead:

"Look at what we are facing right now: a take-no-prisoners right, empowered by a massive new wave of corporate money unleashed by the Supreme Court, able to wield a 41 seat minority to oppose anything Obama wants, setting up a cycle of failure for a president whom they can then pillory at the polls, and unrepentant about near-dictatorial powers for the presidency, and the routinization of torture in the American government. These forces cannot be appeased. They simply have to be confronted."

Read the entire article here. It is well worth it.

And he's right. If things look like shit right now, just think of the diarrhea of woe that will be showering us for years to come if the Republicans have their way. So, it's time to get back out there and give better than we get.

And if it gets too tough, if you can't pick yourself up off the mat, finish the match, and kiss your beloved Adrienne, just watch this ad for some good, old-fashioned 'Merican inspiration:

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Paula said...

He's got my vote. Obama never promised to be a miracle worker, just a very knowledgeable, rational, level-headed leader. We let him gain rock star status, and that's our problem. Change won't happen until the PEOPLE wants it. I agree with Sullivan when he says we have to be willing to take gradually, get behind Obama and do our bit to convince others that his legislative agenda will serve everyone. After all, the last time I looked around, everyone needed health care, money, homes, and protection from terrorists. So, get with the program, people!