Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Law & Order: Leno Victims Unit

All right, these late night hosts are having waaaayyyyy too much fun ripping into NBC and Leno--including Leno himself. You gotta check this out. Craig Ferguson calling NBC execs "lying rat bastards." Conan O'Brien and Howie Mandel doing a Deal or No Deal skit pertaining to O'Brien's future career choices. Jimmy Kimmel doing his entire show as Jay Leno. I usually don't watch too much late night 'cause even an unknown writer needs his "beauty sleep," but this stuff is well-worth watching. Meanwhile, check out Letterman's idea for a new show to fill NBC's gaping chasm at 10 o'clock.


Darius Whiteplume said...

NBC has been steadily running their ship aground for years. Frankly, I'm surprised they didn't just commit seppuku and snatch up Palin before Fox had the chance.

jadedj said...