Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Universal Health Care Is Black Genocide, Part II

Back in my heady, leftist days in the '90s, I used to joke that I'd leave the country the day the US elected a black president because white folks had figured out a way to kill us black people and they wanted a brother to pull it off (yeah, I was full of the jokes back then). Little did I know how right I was. And how could I have ever figured out that the instrument of this Black Genocide would be Universal Health Care? And I would've never guessed in a million years that Glenn Beck would be the White Messiah who would save us from this dastardly, bastardly plot.

Orrrrrr ...

Maybe Beck is trying to prove to his fleeing sponsors that he's not a racist at all. "See, some of my best friends are black."

And apparently just as wacked in the head as he is. Apparently, Armstrong Williams was off somewhere hitting on his male interns; Ward Connerly was confused screaming, "What? Who's black? My grandmother's Dutch!"; and Bishop Harry Jackson was too busy mumbling his own genocidal exegesis to even be bothered.

So, Glenn found this fool, Pastor Stephen Broden of the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church to spew his "Obama's a socialist," "We black folks lubs us some Constitution, Mr. Charlie!" for our Savior and, "incidentally" plug his "documentary," Maafa 21, fully detailing BLACK GENOCIDE IN THE 21ST CENTURY!!!!

Forgive them, Lord, though they know exactly what they do.


jadedj said...

You hit it...fool be thy name Stephen. I hesitate to say this, but it does not escape me that Step hen is fetchin. There are far too many morons taking the 15 minutes of fame seriously.

Candy Minx said...

Have you been following Bill Maher? He says the Dems need to get on the same page with soundbites and terminology.

He says most people are confused between "single payer" and "public options"...they should have come out of the gates with crisp clear definitions of their plans.

I believe there could be a way to work this beginning a health care plan for the 50 million that don't have coverage. Set up billing and doctors and budgets for that part of the populaation. Then ...if over the upcoming years others want to leave the coverage they have...once they see the "universal" public option is working...(or they lose a job and then coverage) they can witness it working.

Here are some recent quotes from Bill Maher:

It's up to the public to inform themselves. But, people don't. So, you wind up with [the government] you deserve. – Jay Leno

Public option. It sounds like a toilet at the train station. – Bill Maher

The Democrats p*ssy-out to begin with, and so the compromise position becomes punting from their own end zone. – Bill Maher