Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beat This Fool Down!

All right, it's 4:36 in the morning, and I can't sleep. Mrs. Unknown and I put a bid in on our first house yesterday, and we may know our fate--well, in a couple hours. So, to quote the legendary Frederick ... "I'm in a daze, I'm so confused" ... and I don't know exactly what I want to say about The Big Brother's speech last night.

I will say it's glad to see him finally act like he's got a pair. Now, let's see if he actually means it and delivers a public option. I still have my doubts, but I'd love to look like a fool on this one.

The other thing I want to say is I am sick and tired of this load of syphilitic snatch sap we call the "Republican Party" showin' they gotdamned asses all the time and not giving the President of the United States! the respect he fucking deserves!!!

I don't give one ounce of shit or penicillin if "Liar! Liar!" Addison Graves ("Call Me 'Joe' So You Think I'm One of the People Instead of a Multimillionaire Trial Attorney Hellbent on Preserving White and Class Privilege Also Known as 'The American Way'") Wilson, Sr., apologized for calling out that the President is lying.

I don't care if Addison drops down on his knees, wears eye-patch underwear, and takes a good, ole-fashioned spanking like a Mike Duvall lobbyist!

I am just sick and tired of the John Boehners, Mitch McConnells, Fucks Newsers, Rush Limbaughs, and Tea Baggers of this world not, for even one ... tiny ... second, giving the President of the United States the respect he and his office deserve!

I know you all hate him! I know it has onnnlyyyyy to do with policy! and principle! And nothing else. Nope. Nothing else at all. Can't think of a single thing else. Nope. Not me. But you people are proving to be petty and small and standing in the way of this country's progress!

I'm tired of you people! Your hypocritical stances!

(Where was the fiscal responsibility when you were in office?! Dickheads!!!)

And tired of this ass-rodded asshole's face!!!

So, either take it to Obama's face, start doing the job that your gullible tax payers voted you in to do, or shut ... thefuck ... up!!!

Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. I guess Poohbutt will be getting up soon enough. Maybe I'll go read a little Swanwick and try to catch a few Zs.


Paula said...

I think at least some of the conservatives showed their mettle last night, sitting with their arms crossed, shouting out, while the president was including Their Very Own Demands in his HCR plan. They were co-opted, that's why they were so mad. It was sooo obvious.
I sure hope this 912 rally is a bust. We're going to be in DC this weekend and if I run into anybody trashing 911 survivors/families, I can't promise I won't do something rash.
Good luck on the house bid.

andrian said...

I know you won't say it so i'll say it for you, " THEY HATE HIS BLACK ASS". They hate that everyone knows just how much they fucked up not only this country but, possibly the rest of the world for the forseeable future . They hate that even " good white folks" voted for his ass. They know all they have left are insults and lies and the only way they are going to get any chance at regaining control so they can continue their reign of terror is to paint this man as a nazi or socialist or liar.
Anything goes when your on your back and your getting the shit kicked out of you, and thats exactly where the republicans are. They are Money Mike on the floor in Graig and Day-Day's bathroorm and Obama is Damon getting ready to get in that ass. What's left? Grab for his balls with pliers and hold on for dear life.
Now, does Obama let them get his balls and lead him around like a bitch or does he get in that ass and show them who the HMFNIC is? Time will tell and I'll be watching.

boukman70 said...

True enough, Andrian. I wouldn't say that here. But you should hear me at work!