Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Picture for Poohbutt

Soon to turn two, Pooh (who pointed at "My Daddy" last night, and declared, "Mess") now has a favorite stuffed animal: a two-foot, big-ole penguin named "El Sid." After his disastrous Stanley Cup finals, I tried to persuade her to change it to "Geno," but she would have none of that. Nope, now she and El Sid nap together and have breakfast together. Of course, I love it--the Pittsburgh sports indoctrination going smoothly as planned.

Being a creature of DC, Pooh also has a favorite politician:


(And, yes, the exclamation points must be included.

So, I thought little Pooh would enjoy this photo while surfing the net today at daycare.

Here ya go, kid.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: James Harrison was a no-show at this White House event as well.

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