Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Reason to Hang Max Baucus

And I don't mean "in effigy".

According to Press Secretary Gibbs and Think Progress, good old Maxi here has given his stellar new health care proposal to the lobbyists even before showing it to the White House or probably even his fellow committee members.

Of course, there's already scuttlebutt about what the plan includes. According to The Associated Press here are some of the goodies:

Fees on insurance companies, drug makers, medical device manufacturers and insurers. Tax of 35 percent on insurance plans costing above $8,000 for individuals and $21,000 for families, applied to premium amounts over the threshold. Cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. A fee on employers whose workers receive government subsidies to help them pay premiums. Fines on those who fail to get coverage, up to $950 for individuals, $3,800 for families.

Of course, you can probably guess what's not included in the Baucus Back-Stab ...

Yep. No public option and no cap on what insurance companies can charge us.

Just more taxes and tax credits.

Of course, why should we be surprised? As I said before, these politicians are in the medical industry's back pocket. And when it comes to Max Baucus, those pockets be mighty deep.

Check out his Top 10 Campaign Contributors:

--Provided by Think Progress

Yes, the future health of this country is in this money-grubber's hands, but it seems as though those hands are already full.

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jadedj said...

So, under this plan (sic...((it ain't a plan)) ) I am indigent. I have two children. I cannot afford to get insurance, but I can afford a $3,800 fine? Makes sense to me.

Nah, no effigy...let's get to it.