Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chris Wallace Goes All N.W.A.

You remember the NWA classic, "A Bitch Is a Bitch"? Well, I doubt Chris Wallace does, but he sure sounds like one whining about how Obama's skipping him on his Sunday talk show circuit.

Hm ... I wonder why Obama would want to skip Fox ...

Speaking of bitch which, funny how Beck keeps claiming that almost 2 million people showed up at the DC teabagging protest last weekend ...

... and yet his own Fox cohorts say there were only 70,000.

As with most things Fox spews ... something just don't add up here.


Distributorcap said...

he sure must make his dad proud

what a douche. he knows exactly why obama wont go on

would ANYONE go on a network that permits someone like Glenn Beck to lie with such impugnity and call Obama a racist

the fact that ANYONE watches fox is a testament to stupidity of this country

willis said...

I can't understand why anyone would want to be on Fox News except those narrow minded enough to watch it.

Hey Bill, I gave you an award and your welcome to stop by my place and pick it up!