Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Reason to Hang the Blue Dogs

Polling god, Nate Silver, has a great analysis over at Five Thirty-Eight (and who wasn't addicted to this site during the election?) of how Mike Ross (pictured on the right--of course) and the other Blue Balls' opposition is not only voting against the nation's interests and their party's interests but also, more than likely, the interests of their own districts and their own interests in getting re-elected. As Eugene Robinson has pointed out, if the Dems don't pass the public option, it's not the flaming liberals in California, New York, and the nation's urban centers who will pay, it is these "Blue Dogs" who will take the fall for their own incompetence.

With so many people in favor of the public option, it further illustrates the absolute hold these powerful lobbyists have over our politicians.

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