Friday, August 7, 2009

Health & Wealth: Insurance CEOs Don't Need the Change

Back in the days of our zine, Contraband, Mrs. Unknown found an article with a list of health care CEOs bragging about their compensation and became so incensed she created "Health and Wealth," an article contrasting those compensation packages with real-life stories of people being refused health care. That was back in '97, and, of course, things have only gotten worse.

This Health Care Stories Project is a continuation of her original idea. When you listen to the health care debate in the media or contemplate action on your own, I want you to think about the stories you read here.

I also want you to think of the ginormous compensation packages these health care oligarchs receive each year for driving up their own stock prices (and denying us care). So, when you hear these big wigs disingenuously talking about how they would just looooooove to reform health care, remember that these fools make so much money, they don't need the change. They make so much money they will fight like hell to make sure they don't see one dime of it.

Ronald A. Williams
CEO - Aetna

Compensation -- 2008

"[We] intend to remain at the table.” -- New York Times

Angela Braly
CEO - WellPoint

Compensation -- 2008

"We also continue to advocate responsible health care reform. We are working with policy-makers on sustainable solutions to increase access to coverage while improving both the cost and quality of health care." -- MSN Money

Edward Hanway
CEO - Cigna

Compensation - 2003-2008

$120.51 million

"The debate on health care reform is not about how industry executives are paid; rather, it's about what kind of health care reform can be passed for the greatest benefit of the American people. We agree with Americans United for Change that health care reform is needed. In fact, we also support the president?s goal of expanding access, controlling costs, and improving the quality of care. However, we do not see how a government-sponsored plan accomplishes that." -- Cigna spokesman Chris Curran, Trading Markets

I've only given you three examples here. Please go to Sick for Profit for more information.

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