Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Health Care Debate: All "Sieg Heil"s and Swastikas

This lovely addition to his office's sign greeted US Congressman, David Scott (D-GA) days after he survived his own heated town hall meeting. And guess what?

Yep. David Scott is a brother. With Obama and now Scott getting all the fascistic fun, I'm sure there are other racial, ethnic, and religious groups feeling like the dweebs left to wallflower it alone. At least, that's what this true, blue AMERICAN woman must've felt when she screamed this:

You gotta love it. Screams "Heil Hitler!" to a Jew and then basically calls him a pussy, too!

Some people just make ya feel too proud to be an American.

Like this proud, glorious, PATRIOTIC!!! Anglo-American woman snatching a poster of Rosa Parks out of that mud person's hands and ripping it up!!!

Listen how all those other proud, glorious, PATRIOTIC!!! Anglo-Americans CHEER as the poster is snatched, ripped up, thrown to the ground and stomped on. Hear the euphoria as that mud woman is swiftly escorted out of the hall.

God, how I wish I had been there.

Ahhhh ... all these swastikas ... all these Nazis ... and THEY say the main one is in the White House.

But you know, they may have a point, according to this article, the American Nazi Party actually does support some form of "Obamacare"!

"Why isn’t money being spent to help the average white homeowner heat their home in winter? Also, why isn’t more money spent to help whites with heavy medical bills? Instead this aid is constantly being cut. Above all, why are whites allowed to be malnourished, if not outright hungry? We should be buying food to help our needy, not fight Arab/Moslem people for no other reason, then [sic] because their [sic] against the Jews."

But hey, even George Lincoln Rockwell was known to go to a Black Muslim rally, or two, back in his day.

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Sarah Alaoui said...

people disgust me...thanks for the great posts. so much for "the end of racist America"...