Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm a Wreck

I'm a wreck. Sick yet again. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I've got a lot of possibly life-altering decisions to make, actions to take, and my body spites me at every turn. Truth be told, I've been battling bouts of depression since sending Pooh to daycare, and right now the Big D's got me twisted up in a figure-four leg-lock. No wonder I'm sick.

I'm a wreck. I admit it. And part of my wreck-titude finds it really funny that Henry Louis Gates was so "shocked" and "outraged" that he got arrested for breaking into his own house. Apparently, Skippy had actually never been arrested before--let alone arrested for a crime he didn't commit. And he calls himself a "spokesman" for the black experience. Hm.

I'm a wreck. I've told you already. And I'm sick and tired. I mean, I just don't understand why the white MSM doesn't understand that Jesse Jackson does not speak for any black community--let alone ours. Why do I have to see his ugly mug on CNN talking about his "unfinished business" with Obama? Jackson's been finished for years! Please get this through your head, White Media, Jesse Jackson is nothing but a syphilitic, self-aggrandizing prick who's done nothing but spew his self-serving pus over his people just to make a buck for decades now. Please treat him, Brother Al, and whoever else pretends to speak for us as the pickaninny pimps they are and banish them to the woodpile. Thank you.

Well, I already told you what I am and that I've been under the weather for awhile. Both have contributed to stopping me for ranting against John Krasinski for some time now. Not because I hate Krasinski's work, his acting, or his mediated persona. I actually kinda like all of them. I just hate the fact that he's always paired opposite of women I adore. I mean, he gets to play Rashida Jones's boyfriend for months on The Office, and now he's playing Maya Rudolph's hubby in Away We Go. No, this ain't some pseudo-racial pride rant about how only a black man should be shown lovin' a mixed-race woman (I wonder how you'd make that argument--I should ask Nick Cannon). Naw, I'm just jealous. I love those two, mixed-race women. It should've been me! Damnit! Meeeee!!!!


Prince Buster's "Wreck a Pum Pum"

I'm a wreck. But have you seen this economy? I should be more thankful that I've got a job.

Have you seen the new 2010 Camaro? Bitchin'!

Yet again, you know what I am. And, I must confess, six months into The Big Brother's administration, I often find myself also being a raving lunatic. I'm still diggin' him like an old soul record; and he's had to deal with more shit than an NYC sewage treatment plant; but ... sometimes ...

Look, those bastards over at Goldman Sachs and all those other banks reporting a profit are lying. They know they're lying. We know they're lying. Our politicians know they're lying. We know that they're still not loaning money out and making money on the interest. We know that they still have all that "toxic debt" on the books that's killing them from the inside out. We know they did it just to boost their stock prices and give themselves fat, delusional bonuses yet again.

And yet, Obama and the Gang are letting these bastards lie to our faces. It's cool that they've started paying back some of our money, but they're only doing it to enrich their own bank accounts. I don't know when--a month, a year, two years from now--all these assholes are going to be coming back to us, crying poor, and will be begging us to bail them out again.

Instead of getting tough with these nut Sachs, making them right their own ships and get us out of the cess pool we're drowning in, Obama's decided to join their Greek chorus of lies in order to say, "Hey, look, the economy's stabilizing." What the hell? Are we tax payers the only people on the planet who realize that sooner or later, you have to pay the piper?

Oh yeah, and what the hell happened to all that regulation you were almost talking about, Eraserhead?

I may be a wreck, but at least I'm not a sociopathic cocksucker like South Carolina's Jim DeMint.

I mean, I understand playing politics and how brutal that game can be. But damn, DeMented, how can you possibly be hoping that Obama fails on this health care thing? Hope that hundreds of thousands of more people go bankrupt because of their health care costs? Pray that folks get sicker and die because they fear they can't afford medical treatment? You hope people go bankrupt, states, and the country, all so you can score political points against Obama? I may have a little chest cold right now, but I ain't never been that sick!

But what makes me sickest of all is that so many Americans want a single-payer health care system and something like 75 percent of us want a public health insurance option, yet we're watching our "leaders" vacillate, obfuscate, and potentially detonate this debate into oblivion.

I haven't heard a satisfying summary of the House's bill passed last week, but what I have heard so far sounds a little too much like Massachusett's plan for my comfort. That supposed public plan forced everybody to buy health insurance, ballooned that state's budget paying for people who couldn't afford it, penalized people over $900 a year for not buying it if the state deemed they could afford it, and now Mass. is planning to kick some 130,000 off their own health care rolls. All because, while forcing us to buy health care insurance, they didn't put any frigging caps on what insurance companies could charge or any regulations on their conduct. Now, the President and Congresspeople want to go down that same path?!

Look, we know that these insurance companies are powerful. We understand that they are spending millions of dollars right now lobbying against anything that would resemble real reform. Hell, they would absolutely love yall to give them the Massachusetts plan writ large. God, 300 million enslaved customers at their mercy. Imagine the money they would be making if yall were stupid enough to pass that bill.

There's a very good reason why the vast majority of Americans want a public, health care option. There's a reason why we're not being scared off this time by Republicans screaming "Socialized medicine!" and "Rationed care!"

The reason's simply because we've lived under the tyranny of HMOs and PPOs and insurers for far too long. We're tired of watching people become sicker and are bankrupted and die under their rule. We're absolutely sick and tired of being horrified that we could suffer the same fate. We are all one sickness, one accident away from no longer being grateful that we survived the horror but wish we would've died instead. We no longer want to live with that fear. No, we don't like the idea of some bureaucrat deciding what care we receive. But we absolutely refuse to continue to be refused health care so some fat-assed CEO can expand his profit margin, raise his stock price, and buy a bigger, fucking yacht so he can cruise on over to Aruba!

But you scum-sucking politicians love Aruba, too. You want to be invited on that yacht. Better yet, you hope to retire from your seat and get hired by that CEO so you can buy your own yacht. It simply does not matter how many folks have to suffer and die in order for you to get it.

So yeah, I'm a wreck. And part of the reason I am is because I fear that I am watching one of the biggest disasters to ever hit our country. And I'm afraid we simply won't survive it.

Yeah, DeMint, the failure to pass effective, public health care legislation will be Obama's "Waterloo," as you put it. But it will also be this nation's Hiroshima. I better not see your punk ass toasting marshmallows.


Andi said...

Wow, you sure did find the energy to say a lot despite being sick and a wreck! As always, well said!

dcpeg said...

No wonder you feel like a wreck! Your post gave me a headache! I agree with your insights, but have trouble handling them all at once like that!

I hope when you're feeling better the situation won't look so bleak. It will take intelligent, caring people like you to help get us out of the mess we're in.