Saturday, July 11, 2009

Damn You, Lindsay Graham!!!

Oh, how I have often longed to spend the evening at a romantic, candlelit dinner with David Brooks: feeding him both oysters and clams, staring into his hungry eyes, caressing that flaccid chin, stroking his meaty, meaty thigh. But, wouldn't you know, that damned Lindsay Graham has already beaten me to the punch!

Oh well, maybe John Boehner is still available.

Lindsay Graham Gets All the Honeys


Max Reddick said...

Is saying that they don't have the requisite social skills the same as saying, they don't have any game? I'm just saying.

However, that is not an adequate excuse especially when you bill yourself as standing for family values. It is perhaps more a symptom of perceived privilege.

boukman70 said...

But Max, when you look at pastime paramours like Donna Rice and Jessica Hahn and this modern-day Mata Hari, David Brooks, you can easily see how our leaders can be led astray. And, while I haven't seen Ensign's or Sanford's flings, the Sunshine peering out from beneath these women's waistbands must've been truly blinding to lead a guy to give her $96k and another one to jeopardize his governorship.

But in all seriousness, you're right. I think they all have to do with privilege and hubris. Forget the Lonely Guy scenario Brooks was spewing. You look at what Spitzer and Sanford did and you just know these fools think they can get away with just about anything.