Friday, July 17, 2009

Ack! Another Hip-Hop Geezer Moment

After yesterday's post, I asked three of the four fledgling hip-hop producers I work with, 3T, Beatmeiser, and Hater, who their five favorite MCs are. For the next 30 minutes, they all merged into Hater, saying there was no one out there rocking the mic to their satisfaction. Then they started bemoaning the state of hip-hop. Beatmeiser's 30. So, that's understandable. He's verging on "grumpy, old hip-hop head" territory. But Hater's only 23, and 3T's only 21. So, I was a little shocked and more than a little annoyed that these younguns were sounding like folks twice their age.

Anyway, 3T, being the babe in the woods that she is, finally came up with an answer: Eric B. and Rakim ... together.

"'Eric B. is President' was the shit."

"Yeah," I countered, "but that was like 22 years a..." It suddenly hit me. I was talking to a grown adult who could legally walk into a bar who wasn't even born when "Eric B. is President" and Paid in Full were released, my junior, friggin' year in high school!

"Git! Git outta here!" I yelled at 3T. "You make me feel old!!!"

Well, that, and a few other things--truth be told. :)

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