Friday, February 6, 2009

A Word of Warning

Now, I know this past month, I went a little Steeler crazy. What was that? something like seven Steeler posts in less than a month? But what can I say? I'm a native Pittsburgher. I can't apologize for my actions, but, as you know, this isn't a sports blog. So, there won't be but so many sports posts here on Tome. However ...

If El Sid and Flower decide that they actually want to drink from Lord Stanley's Cup, Evgeni Malkin has paid off his debts to the Russian mafia and no longer has to throw games (seriously, why didn't anybody mention it? I mean, shit, he had more assists for Detroit than Henrik Zetterberg!!!), and my 'Guins make another Cup run, I will be going hockey crazy come May!

Here's to hoping!

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