Friday, February 20, 2009

JFC!!! What More Do You Need to Know?!

TMZ has released the Rihanna photo and the LAPD released a statement.

Now, ever since the news of the "alleged" Chris Brown beating of Rihanna, I've been listening to people hem and haw, equivocate and masturbate about how "We don't know what happened." "We don't know all the facts." Well, here you go, people. Rihanna left a Grammy party in a Lambourghini with her boyfriend, Chris Brown, looking like this:

She entered an LAPD station a few hours later, looking like this:

Now, unless the woman found out the hard way that her arms are too short to box with a Lambourghini, we all know what happened that night. So, what do all you apologists need to know now? What do you have to say?

Now, I personally have absolutely ZERO tolerance for domestic violence. I've stepped in twice but will never do it again. The last time I did, the redneck prick threatened to shoot me. He'd just been released from jail for shooting two other fools. So, I took him at his word and left town. And believe me, his partner was not appreciative.

But now, faced with that picture, faced with all the contusions that Rihanna suffered, faced with that busted lip, what are you going to say?

How are you going to apologize for the bastard now? Are you going to talk about the stresses and strains of fame? Are you going to talk about how he saw his mother beaten by his step dad? Are you wax all sympathetic debating nature vs. fucking nurture?!

I don't care if the little asshole grew up running from His Lord's Army and the Ton Ton Macoutes combined. I don't care if his victim were Laila Ali with 26" pythons, you never ... ever ... FUCKING EVER!!! put your hands on a woman!

If you, in any way, shape, or form, apologize for the son of a bitch, then you can go to hell! If you start putting this whole mess on Rihanna herself, then fuck you!

And fuck Chris Brown! I don't care if you love his music, his hats, or his DoubleMint smile, that little cocksucker did it and now he needs to be doing Got Milk? ads in San Quentin!

Sorry. I had to get that off my chest. The only thing that makes me angrier is the tearful, live reunion duet these two are going to do at the BET Awards two years from now.

Here, my little brother (he hates it when I call him that) has a much more measured response over at The Failed Experiment. Check it out.


Andi said...

Amen! Finally someone said it!

Donna Marino said...

Too many silent voices. I'm glad someone spoke up. Well penned article.

Double H said...

Of course he should be punished but I do have hope that he will actually get some real counseling and help as an example to other young men who are as misguided. This doesn't just happen to R&B stars--there is a lot of this kind of dating/domestic violence that goes on in our community. People need to know how to get out of the cycle.

nunya said...

Here's what the female cop said to me when I got the crap beat out of me by my live-in boyfriend,

"What, you just gonna sit around, fat, dumb, and happy till he does it again?"

This was X-mas eve. Four days later I moved out, with the pregnant girlfriend in tow who wouldn't stop calling the boyfriend the "N" word, and helped send him over the edge until I got my ass kicked.

At least he didn't hit her.

Getting beat wasn't a pattern for me, so I got out, and nobdody ever did that to me again.

I also learned that people who use the "N" word can be unhealthy companions.

I don't have time for that shit.