Friday, February 20, 2009

Follow for Now Follow-Up

After writing the post below, I got a little curious about Follow for Now and what they're up to now. I found this blog post from the late, great Chris Pryor (whom I eugologized back in August).

Personally, I never knew the lead singer, David Ryan Harris. I said "Hey" once in awhile to Chris Tinsley, the guitarist. I shared a few beers with the keyboardist, Billy Fields, a real cool cat. I was there at the original MJQ when he debuted with Seek (yo, Kevin, where you at?).

I knew Enrique (Bernard Coley) a lot better. He was good friends with some good friends, Chris and Andrian. The first time I met him, we spent the entire night griping about a woman we both had problems with (he in ATL, me at NU). We hung out a little and even got in a fight with a skinhead together. Actually, in a rare fit of humanity for me back then, I tried to stop the whole thing. Having just returned from Eastern Europe where I had more than a few "altercations" with skinheads, you could say I had a bit of a "Skinhead Complex" back in the day. It was amazing that I hadn't slugged the guy. Instead, I graciously, gently, escorted the fine, young Aryan out of the bar, imparting some friendly advice: "You don't want this."

Apparently, my skinhead friend disagreed. A few minutes later, I saw him outside "wanting it" quite vociferously with a group of African-American youth. Why he decided to spray the N-word like DDT around a bunch of black folk is still beyond me. I arrived late (yes, I was going to stop it yet again), somewhere between "nig" and "ger." As five brothers swiftly approached, our white supremacist realized his faux pas and tried to amend his previous statement. "No! No! I just meant him!" The five, angry brothers from Decatur disagreed with his argument and proceeded to give him the most vicious ass-kicking I'd ever seen live.

Of course, having not been involved and with the bloodied skinhead holding his eye, crying, "It wasn't him. It wasn't him," the po-lice wanted to arrest me.

Ahhh, the good old days.

Anyway, YouTube is God. I love posting videos (as you well know). So, here's an old Follow for Now video profile and their video, "Holy Moses." They were a bunch of great guys. But it wasn't enough (in case you missed it below, here's their story. The music industry is some evil shit. Record execs could make Attila blush.

I hope you enjoy.

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