Monday, January 26, 2009

Nerd Crush Alert!!!

I'll confess that I've had a thing for incoming UN Ambassador Dr. Susan Elizabeth Rice for damned near a decade. Smart and sexy and fully knowledgeable of her weapons systems, she's everything a nerd like me could ask for. I mean, seriously, do argula go with that protein shake?

[Author's Note: The author is trying to lust more healthy these days.]

But when The Black Snob posted the photos from the New York Times Magazine's Obama staff shoot, I know have to ask myself: Is there room for both Rice and the new Domestic Policy Council Director, Melody Barnes, in my heart?

I can't wait 'til the Big Brother's White House comes out with a calendar, or a Swimsuit Issue, or something!

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Sue Jacquette said...

Ha, I've had an intellectual crush on Kenneth Brannagh ever since his version of Hamlet came out because I just love his interpretation of it. To this day, he's probably the only celebrity I would get tongue tied around.