Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Part I

Yesterday, Poohbutt and I worked hard trawling for Dem votes in a Republican neighborhood here in East Bumble. We talked to John the Construction Worker. He'd voted early snd already voted for Grandpooh for City Council. He wanted to bend our ear. Pretty cool guy. He works for VADOT and hasn't worked in awhile. The state coffers are mighty low, and no roads are being built. He was pretty much hatin' on the GOP and sounded like an Obama ad (so much for those Joe Six-Pack stereotypes). I don't know if he voted for the O-Man, though.

Last night we went around putting up campaign signs all over the different polling places. Grandpooh gave me a pass so I could watch the Steeler game. It was pretty tempting. I did want to know what the fate of the Free World was going to be, but I passed. I mean, P.O.P. and I have put in some hours on this campaign. I wanted to see it through. So, I said, "I'm in this bitch for the long haul" (which, oddly enough, I hear was Jay-Z's wedding vow).

It was an interesting taste of local, small-town politics, and I was treated to a taste of PBR at the local Ethiopian restaurant afterwards (the new face of small-town America).

This morning, Poohbutt's wakened fairly cranky and clingy. I think she's finally missing her momma (who's off working in Ghent for the next two weeks and then goes off to Addis). I'm currently trying to get us ready for a very long day.

It's been pretty difficult. I had to have her in the bathroom while I took a shower. She did her best "Attica! Attica!" imitation against the sliding glass door. She ate her Cheerios (aka, "Baby Crack"), her biscuit, and her plums, but refused the lamb. She usually likes it, which creeps me out. I find the whole idea of pureed meat morally suspect.

I felt like keeping you updated on our exciting day. She's cooperating at the moment, playing with all the toys the Grands have supplied her, but that can change at any minute. Thank God, I type 100 words per minute.

Anyway, it's off to work a polling station. Then we're back to DC this afternoon so Daddy can go vote. And we end the night in Balmer for the Barack-O-Rama. Fun will be had by all.

This morning, East Bumble is cold and dreary, and the town reeks of chicken feed. Wish us luck.

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