Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Favorite White Guys!!!

After Señor Senior emailed everyone with this Colbert video

DC's Finest declared, "This guy is running for my favorite white guy." I thought we'd stopped running that contest back in '97, but it got me to thinking, "Who are my favorite white guys?" Well, here you go. Music please.

Bill's Favorite White Guys!!!

1. Jesus

2. That jackhole who signs my checks every first and fifteenth

3. George W. Bush [see A Big Kiss on the Mouth for details]

4. Ann Coulter (though s/he does give me Adam's apple envy)

5. Ayman Zawahiri (I know he only thinks he's white, but who other than white men use Negroid terminology--even "house negro"--thinkin' they down?)

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Leo said...

I love it! By the of the better holiday songs on the subject of Nutmeg.