Sunday, November 9, 2008

Election Day Part 4: Mea Culpa

All right, I meant to live blog from the Barack-O-Rama in Baltimore on Election Night, but obviously that didn't happen. There were so many people that Poohbutt was a little shell-shocked. My poor baby was pretty much clued to Daddy's lap for most of the evening. It took forever to get my girl to sleep, and, soon thereafter, Barack was proclaimed President-Elect. It was pretty much over at that point.

Then, harried Dad forgot the power cord to his laptop at the Rama and has been laptop-less the rest of the week. I know the millions out there were really and truly dependent upon my ever-so poignant observations during the election, and for that I apologize. I should be back on track this week. Of course, after all that, what does one talk about?

Right now, I have to go put on these cabinet guards (do babies automatically go for the cleaning products?) and then go pick Poohbutt up from her first sleep-over.

It was one helluva night, though, wasn't it?

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