Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson?!

OK, I admit that I haven't been much of a fan since Off the Wall. I mean, I loved Michael as a kid, loved The Wiz and Off the Wall. Thriller was way too ubiquitous (all right, I'll admit, I moonwalked with the worst of 'em and I would've killed to have MTV so I could watch the "Thriller" video--but damn, that album sold tens of thousands behind the Iron Curtain) and the brother just kept getting weirder and weirder--and whiter and whiter. However, oddly enough, just this morning I was thinking about how Thriller was the perfect pop album. He was crazy as hell--but, damn, at one point, there was no star brighter, was there?

It's hard to believe the freak show has ended.


Sue Jacquette said...

Strange isn't it? I mean I really loved his music, but his freak show took over and tainted all of that. I wanted him to comeback and fix it all, repent, come clean, start a foundation to help others... It could have ended better than it did. I was pulling for him. The pedophile. said...

Hi there!

It is sooo wrong that you said, "the freak show has ended"!! I loooove Michael Jackson and yes, he was strange at times but I am sure you would be a little bit strange if you were an entertainer since the age of five without a healthy emotional development process or proper role models.

I am not making excuses for Michael but I am saying that it's easy for those of us who lived in obscurity to judge those who never had that luxury.

Michael had a remarkable gift and that is what I will remember about his legacy...

How sad that Jordan Chandler heard of his death last week and came forward to say he had lied about the allegations because his mother told him that they could get money...THAT last allegation was the one that severely wrecked his career...Michael had to die without knowing he was vindicated and that boy (now a man!) steps forward and is finally truthful?!

That's the worse tragedy of it all....

boukman70 said...

Hey Trumpet,

Actually, Sue's comment got me to thinking awhile back, and I've been wanting to elaborate in a tribute post; but, as you now know, I've been feeling pretty crappy lately. I'm still feeling better, so please check back on, say, Thursday. I'll lay it all out then.