Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lead On, Geno!

All right, while I cannot in good conscience, condone spearing the opposing goalie ... oh, who am I kidding? I know exactly why Max Talbot took a stab at Chris "Flopper" Osgood. Chris is a brilliant goalie. But when he's not brilliantly stifling my beloved Pens, he's busy being the luckiest bastard to ever put on the goalie pads. I mean, every time we beat him, the puck hits the post and takes a weird bounce out of the net. And what was that crap with the puck skating all the way across the friggin' goal line?! Jesus!

I know good teams make their own luck, but damn, people!

So, yeah, I understand why Talbot took his shot! This crap is frustrating to watch as a fan. I couldn't imagine what it must be like as a player.

But what really impressed me with the ruckus at the end of Game Two was how Evgeni ("Geno"--why we Americans must Anglicize everything is just beyond me) Malkin went after Henrik Zetterberg.

Look, under any other circumstances, I would absolutely love Zetterberg and the Detroit Red Wings. I mean, they play the best, most balanced hockey I think I've ever seen. But these are my Pens we're talking about here. And for two years in a row! I'm sick of these bastards! They gotta go down!!!

So, thank you, Geno, for taking it upon yourself to show these jackholes that the Pens aren't going to just take it all lying down. Thanks for fighting for your team!

And not a bad fight, either. I mean, I feel bad for the ref who had to stand between you guys and take the brunt of Zetterberg's wrath in his gut. But way to chase that ass down and give it the whoopin' it deserves! He's really taking it to El Sid, and someone needs to take it to him. And since we no longer have Laraque ...

I'm glad it was you.

But now it's up to you, Geno. You've thrown down the gauntlet.

The Pens are playing Awesome Hockey right now. But the Red Wings are playing Awesome Hockey + 1 (and they're getting every lucky bounce ever created on ice). So, you've got to take that Killer Instinct I was talking about a couple posts down and lead this team to the Cup!

I know you can do it, braht man!

Get to it!

Boy, how I'd love to see this again

Interesting Side Note:
All right, I generally think that Blaming the Ref is the last refuge of a scoundrel(ly) sore loser (yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Mike Holmgren). I mean, a team is supposed to win--whether the refs suck or not. I actually like how the refs are not calling the first two games. Just let 'em play. OK, the non-call against Hossa as he broke Dupuis' stick and scored the assist was a bunch of bullshit, but other than that, I'm pretty content.

However, I'm not surprised that there are grumblings about the refs not calling stuff during this Stanley Cup final. What I am surprised with is the source. Here's an interesting gripe against the Men in Zebra by none other than The Detroit Free Press?!

I guess this Age of Obama has got everybody twisted.

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