Friday, June 5, 2009

The Pittsburgh Penguins Song of the Day No. 2

I, too, can be counted amongst Sportsdom's Superstitious Spectators. On Tuesday, to counteract the hoodoo the Red Wings' goalie, Chris Osgood, had on the puck, rendering it impossible to go in for the Penguins (either that, or the bastard had a magnet implanted in his ass), I decided to use some of Detroit's own magic against it. So, I blasted Madlib and D-Town's own J-Dilla's album, Champion Sound, just before the game. It worked so well, I did it again last night. Now, the Penguins have tied the series and looked absolutely dominating last night. Therefore, I urge all you Penguins fans to share the voodoo, pick up/download Champion Sound, and blast that shit before each game!


PS. I know a bunch of you are probably wondering when the hell Tome became a sports blog. I would like to apologize to my readers for all the mindless sports banter that's been occurring on this site, but I can't! Go Pens!!!

PPS. Am I the only one who's noticed that, since the refs have decided to call penalties more tightly, that the Wings have been just a little off their game?

PPPS. Against any other team, I think last night's devastating Penguins performance would sound the death knell. However, these are the Red Wings. I'm thinking they're coming back harder than ever. If the Pens don't win tomorrow night, I can't possibly see them winning the series.

PPPPS. I'm glad to see that I was right about Malkin's taking over the team. The man is on fire! Let's just hope he burns down Joe Louis Arena tomorrow night.

PPPPPS. Thanks Dabalou, Triple P, and Basque for coming out last night to the Pour House. Our little Afro-Asian boat in the alabaster sea of Penguins fans sure did rock!


iasa said...

This is the part of the series where things are gonna get interesting. Looking forward to the game tomorrow.


boukman70 said...

Forgive her, Lord, for she knows not for whom she roots.

Kevin Michaels said...

On the flip side re: Saturday's game - I think that if the Pens win in Detroit Saturday it never makes it back there for game 7.

The love of hockey in my house is incredible - my 24 year old son who is a die hard Pens fan and lives in New Orleans searched the entire city last Saturday/Sunday for a bar that was televising the games (New orleans blacked out NBC's feed). My 21 year old daughter who grew up a Rangers fan is taking summer courses at Pitt and is caught up in Pens mania. And with each game I'm more impressed by Crosby, Malkin, et al. Should be a rocking good game!