Monday, December 15, 2008

Krtek a černoch

For her birthday, Poohbutt got two Krtek books from the Nejlepšís. I don't know much of anything about this Communist Czech response to Mickey Mouse, but Poohbutt has taken to the little mole. Now, tatínek here, who briefly lived in a small Moravian city back in the day, has been forced to remember how to pronounce words he hasn't spoken in 13 years, many of which he never knew the meaning of in the first place. For awhile, I was getting migraines for the effort. But, as I said, Poohbutt has taken a liken to them. So, I've been boning up, eating raw eggs, playing "Gonna Fly Now" while running, and beating miscellaneous meat in a butcher's freezer. The things we do for our kids! As a result, my pronunciation and my head have gotten better. Now to move on to comprehension.

If the Nejlepšís weren't so damned multilingual, I'd be plotting my revenge by returning the favor.



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