Thursday, October 9, 2008

White Working Class II: The McCain-Palin Mob

Ah, remember Death Certificate when Ice Cube said, "Blacks are too fucking broke to be Republican?" Hmm ... I don't know, after watching this video, I'm thinking even with your money, Cube, it would still take a special type of Negro to wanna vote alongside these fools. But you be the judge:



RonStrelecki said...

I've been "cornered" by amateur videographers at political events. It's kind of an unfair tactic, because when you are dealing with mass movements, you can always find idiot loudmouths. Then you just generalize from the particular to imply that all of Palin's supporters are equally ignorant. I think one would get better stuff by being less combative and letting them speak their minds for a long period of time. When they keep rolling, that's when the real beauties slip out. This guy's mistake was trying to get them into some sort of "trap" by asking the "When did you first hear of Palin/Obama?" series... The problem is that it actually proves nothing. Just because they hadn't heard of Palin and had heard of Obama doesn't really mean anything. No one had heard of Palin, and everyone had heard of Obama. It was just a trick question.

He should have just let them roll when they were talking about Obama, eventually their true sentiments would have shown.

RonStrelecki said...

I've watched some more videos and read some more reports. This is starting to get really scary... At a rally, McCain said that there was nothing to be scared of if Obama were to become President, and the crowd started booing. These are people who are just responding to words as triggers like slobbering dogs. It's like that scene in Dune where Muad'dib became a "kill word."

boukman70 said...

Yeah, Ron. I meant to reply earlier. That day I was being inundated with these anti-Obama videos, etc., and I was starting to become a bit scared. This was one of the more civil ones that I came across. I'm glad that McCain finally said something. This tactic hasn't moved the polls and is only infuriating the base. I know Fox News, the Rush Limbaughs, and Palin are just doing what they normally do--trying to get their audience to hate the opposition. It just feels that, with Obama's skin color, they're really inspiring people to want to kill him. I wish they'd all pull back on their "other" rhetoric, but I think the damage has already been done (and in all fairness to the GOP, this "other" campaign started with Hillary).

RonStrelecki said...

I have been following the "othering" tactics of Clinton and McCain. At some level of the campaign, someone has to know what is going on, particularly in Clinton's campaign. But I think these tactics are largely unconscious. They are well-studied, and the victims are painfully aware of the mental state of the victimizers (it pays to build a mental model of your potential oppressor). But the victimizers themselves perceive themselves to be the victims. Oh what a tangled web! But what I am saying is that when victims study victimizers and communicate what it means to be on the shit end of the stick, the oppressors have empathy, and start to perceive themselves as victims. This is why the new tactic of "privilege" works well.

The hypocrisy I can't stand is what I call "outgroup homogeneity". The belief that others are a homogenous mob. They all look alike, think alike and act alike. All Muslims are Terrorists, for example. Really? A BILLION terrorists and the best they could do was borrow a few planes... Well... I won't delve to deep in that direction. Just as an example, you know, if they were ALL terrorists what chance would we have? Or think of how Soviet Russia was perceived during our childhood. They were a mass of programmed, godless, communist robots--willing to do the bidding of the Premiere at a moment's notice!

I am talking, now, about McCain demanding an apology for remarks made by John Lewis. If Obama were to demand an apology for remarks made by Rush Limbaugh, McCain (and most people) would laugh and say, "What? That's Rush Limbaugh... I can't control Rush Limbaugh. What, are you nuts?" But apparently, Obama has a magical juju stick somewhere that he can use to control his peons. When one of "them" speaks he must be acting on orders from their leader. Outgroup Homogeneity.