Friday, October 24, 2008


Here I spend all morning, wrestling with Poohbutt and writing this blog, trying to be all thoughtful, insightful, and super-sagacious, only to find out that Ashley Todd has already confessed to its being a hoax. Oh well, please read anyway. I think I made some pretty good points. You be the judge.


still standing said...

Proof that there are some real twisted people out there....Who think that black people will go that far..this says a lot about her and those around yet here has been no coverage of this in the UK press...first I read of it was here....

grinder said...

I left a bunch of comments over on the field negro site about this Ashley woman. The gist of what I had to say is that she's bonkers and might deserve the sort of mercy we give to the mentally ill, but that I am thoroughly disgusted and truly angered by how the McCain campaign was willing to hype the whole thing for their political gain.

On a happier note, here's a clever Obama ad that plays off on the original Budwesier Wazzup ad. I said "clever" but it's actually kind of touching.

boukman70 said...


I'm glad to be an "official news source." :)


I wish I could treat Ms. Todd with a dose of mercy. I mean, the woman is obviously troubled. I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend, and folks are pissed. It's just that, as twisted as Todd appears, I'm finding forgiveness a hard thing to find in my heart. Race-baiting is such a dangerous thing to play with. If you look on some of those right-wing blogs, some people are looking forward to a race war. They were talking about "clinging to their guns," wanting blacks to bring it on. In the past, blacks would've died over this incident. A little more recently, a whole bunch of black men would've been arrested. I have to give it up for the Pittsburgh PD for being skeptical from jump. If not, some really unfortunate incidents could've happened. Even though they didn't, it has spurred some people to wish for action. Todd has tap-danced into some very dangerous territory.

grinder said...

boukman, I wrote on the other site that, after I saw the Pittsburgh newspaper's complete account the detailed the other false allegations that this woman has made, I'm right smack on the 50-yard line as far as how much mercy to show.

I'm completely with you on the underlying issue of the lizard-brain racist appeals. That sort of stuff upsets me wherever I see it, regardless of the ethnic makeup or target.

But there is something that makes me truly LIVID when I see it out of white people, i.e., my cohort. It's wrong and irresponsible, but that's always true. I guess when I see it from white people another emotion that kicks in is that I feel insulted and played for a fool.

See, I won't bullshit you. I've got a lizard brain too. So, when it gets tickled, I feel dumb enough to begin with. But when someone tickles it or tries to and it's a hoax, well, how do you say it? I'm really mad at the person who pulled my fuckin' string that I'd rather not have there.

In her case, I never believed it, so my string wasn't pulled to begin with. But I guess it's gotten to the point where if a white person goes there and they're just screwing around, it makes me deep down gut-level angry. It's a different source of anger than yours, but it's intense.

I guess the impulse for mercy comes from two or three places. One is that I've seen some mental illness up close and personal, so there's an automatic reaction that kicks in. Another is a built-in sympathy for the outcast fool, even if they deserve to be an outcat. Hard to explain, but I've always had that streak.

The other thing is that maybe the mercy impulse is my way of balancing off for the anger. I mean, this really angered me. Still does. I would not, and do not, have an ounce of mercy for the McCain campaign, or Drudge, or the College Republicans, or the wingnut blogs. They are utter scum from now 'til Christmas.

But I guess when I look at this one person, even though she did it my inner coaster brake says, "Whoa. Watch it." All that said, though, I sure as hell don't blame you or anyone else who sees it differently. The whole thing still bothers me a whole lot; I'm just focused a higher on the food chain, that's all.

grinder said...
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grinder said...

Let me put it slightly differently. When I see a white person pull a stunt like that Ashley's, I think they're trying make me feel the way I felt when I saw the films of the L.A. riots where the white guy pulled out of the truck and clobbered, or when I watched the crowds outside of the courthouse after O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

Let's just say that the spirit of racial understanding was not coursing through my blood when I saw those things. But later, when I thought about it again, I was ashamed at myself for thinking the things I thought.

Don't you go playing around with my lizard brain, McCain, is what I think. Multiplied by about 50.