Thursday, October 16, 2008

Big Tent Republicans

Gee, I don't know. How do you burn a cross in a tent?

That was from a Republican women's group in Inland Empire, CA.

And this gem was on the official website of the Sacramento County, CA, GOP.

In light of all this (and I'm sure there's stuff that we're not seeing), please listen to the words of Donna Brazile.



RonStrelecki said...

Kool-Aid? I thought I knew ALL the stereotypes. You learn something new every day. Is there any more of that video? I'd like to see the rest.

I'm going to try to go news-free between now and the election. My girlfriend and I were talking about trying to see how long we could go after the election without finding out the results. Just lock ourselves in with hoarded food and only leave the house to get Netflix.

McCain looks like he's got two years tops in him. He just looks like he's teetering on the edge of every conceivable thing he can teeter on... sanity, life, etc...

AngieW said...

Here's the rest of the Donna Brazile video. It's from a panel discussion from the New Yorker (i.e., the magazine) Festival.

grinder said...

Beware Obama’s SECRET PLAN to implement Black Socialism in America! None dare call it conspiracy! PASS IT ALONG!! Time is running out!! TELL FOX NEWS!!

grinder said...

p.s.: The Obama bucks one was the vilest that I've seen.

grinder said...

After seeing this video, I'm having second thoughts about my Obama secret plan satire. Christ almighty.