Monday, February 22, 2010

Wow, Psychosis Is Genetic

Today, Joseph Stack's daughter, the guy who flew his plane into the Austin IRS building (NOTE TO MEDIA: Please stop saying "allegedly," did the guy pilot the plane? Is he alive to prove that he didn't do it? Were his remains found in the wreckage? Were they "allegedly" found there? Do you see my point?), Samantha Bell, was on Good Morning America today calling her father a "hero," though she conceded that his actions were "inappropriate." Yes, she hails Daddy for waking America up to the oppressiveness of our tax system--from Norway!!! Yes, since mean old Uncle Sam would not properly take care of her while she was on Medicare, she went to a real socialist country where she could sponge off the state.

Apparently, fanaticism never calls for intellectual consistency. Anywhere, here's the interview.

And it's not just a distraught daughter trying to justify the murderous actions of her father. No, there's apparently a nascent movement growing on Facebook trying to elevate the terrorist to folk hero status.

Maybe I'll get into this more in-depth later (though I hope not to). In the meantime, definitely read who Brown Man Thinking Hard believes is the true hero of this tragedy ... SPOILER ALERT: It's Vernon Hunter, the poor IRS employee who died in the conflagration. Brown Man's call to action is compelling and should definitely be heeded.


Alisande said...

She ranted on about freedom of speech, but what her father did had nothing to do with "speech." She's a little bit off I think.

lawguy said...

Wow, that video is just sur-real.

Candy Minx said...

Gee thats scary.

Um dad is a killer lady.