Saturday, April 18, 2009

Consolation Prize

Sure, I'm broke as hell. And the doctor's hit me with hundreds of dollars of bills--to tell me I'm fine. Yeah, Uncle Sam's bitch nephews, Maryland and DC, have smacked me around with a couple of tax bills. And yep, two different computer experts have told me that my laptop is kaput and that I have to buy a new one.

But hell, at least my 'Guins have taken two straight from the Philadelphia Flyers and lead their Eastern Conference quarterfinals series 2 games to none.

So no, Noam, we prols do not revel in our sports in some bizarre, crypto-fascist fantasy of simulated warfare. We do it because of shit weeks like this one.


Dr. Monkey said...

Go figure. I didn't think black dudes were into hockey.

boukman70 said...

A) Grant Fuhr

B) Pittsburgh doesn't have a basketball team

C) I contain multitudes, Hoss.

Grant said...

I am with Dr. Monkey. Hockey? Really?

Yes, I was into it for a bit in 1980 but everybody was.

Bring back the Pipers!