Monday, October 26, 2009

Peepee in the Potty!!!

"I peepee in the potty, Daddy."

--Poohbutt, 10/26/09

Since we're about to move and subsequently switch daycares, Mommy and Daddy have decided to delay toilet training our little Pooh. However, our daughter did get a potty for her birthday. So, for the past nine days, Pooh has come home, shouted, "Peepee in the potty," ripped off her pants and diaper, and proceeded to sit on the potty for hours at a time--or so it felt. She's been conducting almost all her evening business on that damned potty--eating, drinking, watching Krtek--everything except the business that the potty was designed for--leaving it as dry as the day we bought it.

That has all changed tonight!

Mommy and Pooh called Daddy at work to tell him the good news.

How proud can one Papa be?

Before you know it, we'll be having to give her a new nickname!


Paula said...

and I hope you do give her a new nickname! something wonderful!

Grant said...

Do you have the book No More Diaper for Ducky? It's my favorite of the potty training genre.

She may be beyond that now, but we read it to our little one when getting her ready for the move.

Oh, and though she will soon be potty trained. There will still be happy accidents. So she can keep the nickname!