Monday, December 28, 2009

40Madnizz Begins Today!!!

At 1:05pm on May 1, 2010, "acclaimed" author and all-around misanthrope, Bill Campbell, will turn 40 years of age. Instead of meandering in the miasma of WoeIsMe, Mr. Campbell has decided to lose his godforsaken mind!

To celebrate his 40th year on this lovely planet of ours, old books will find electronic formats; new books will be published; tours will be conducted; interviews given; a new internet radio station will molest your ears; novels will be written; new jobs started; diets will be undertaken and quickly abandoned; gyms will be joined and assiduously avoided!

There's no telling where 40Madnizz will take us! Peru? Pittsburgh? Peoria? Your local pub?!

Could there be an audio book in the wings? Is there an accompanying comic strip? Will the blog continue?

Well, yeah. That's an easy one. But what else?

Will 40Madnizz come to your town? A town near you? Can 40Madnizz, like Paisley Park, be found in your heart? Or is it floating somewhere within the smoke blowing out of the author's hindquarters?

Well, join the 40Madnizz fan site on Facebook to find out, be kept informed, and, hopefully, be amused.

Be talking to you soon!

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